Widower's Tomb - Single

by Big Red Marbles

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released June 11, 2012

recorded by Andrew Boze in Austin, Tx
KnifeWork recordings




Big Red Marbles Austin

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Track Name: Widower's Tomb
blushin from the wine at a ball inside a widower's tomb
and in the corner of the room
the face of unequivocal love is kissing everyone's girl
a ten-mile necklace made of pearls

the keeper came and stood by my side, he knew that I was afraid
too many questions to relay
and he explained to me that there is but pain there is no sense of relief
that comes with knowing everything

Eve, she's gotten away from me
Eve, I always said you moved too fast
a promise breaks, it always has

the trouble is I'm ready to be a man that I won't become
it's impossible because
I'm always hearin tales of a love that is as good as it gets
I don't know where, but it exists

Eve, she's gotten away from me
Eve, life in the garden ended fast
is there a way to make it last?
it's just one question you could have asked

a cigarette stands out in the grey, a tiny moon in the dark
lit from the most unlikely spark
but sweetness, don't you look to that flame, it will ruin your eyes
a pair of t-shirts on the line